Saratus IV
Stardate: 57038.4

The Borg invade and begin assimilation of the general populace. Members of Starfleet and travelers from around the Beta Quadrant use emergency transporters to escape the destruction of Outpost 290. Cut off from the Federation, the survivors have little hope but to flee the assimilation drones that search out pockets of resistance. With each passing day the chances of escape dwindle.

This planet is located centrally between Earth, the Romulan border and the edge of the Delta Quadrant. Its significance is not great, however its outpost serves as a monitor for the early warning systems put into place after the return of Voyager. Left with little choice, Starfleet hastily put the network into service while it focused on securing the Gamma Quadrant side of the Federation. March 22, 2380 the Borg dropped out of transpwarp near orbit of Saratus IV. Within moments they neutralized the communications capabilities of the outpost orbiting the planet. Inside of an hour they had assimilated the station, then the outpost detonated and crippled the Borg incursion. Still, the cube hangs above the world, slowly repairing itself. Saratus IV is only viable due to the valor of those who stayed behind to destroy the station. But time is on the side of the invaders, and no matter where the survivors turn, it seems all they find is…futility.